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Wednesday 04/05/16:

Hour Event Rules
1:30 CTF Without magicWithout potions and bandages
4:30 CW w/o magic Without magicWith potions and bandages
20:00 1vs1 Tourny With magicWith potions and bandages

Current Time: 03:53 AM

Why WoD?

We have been active for more than 13 years. We would like you to try our Free to Play Medieval MMORPG. Our experience and hard work is our best presentation chart. We could tell you a lot of things about, according to many, the best Ultima Online server, but the most important reason to start playing with us are our players and, as a tribute for his years of loyalty, they are who you should read first >here<

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Players Online: 39
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If you are coming with your guild or you are a group of some friends, mail us to and tell us how many people you are and what is your experience. We will help you to start in the server and to found a guild.

World of Dread is a totally customized Ultima Online server. Here you will live new experiences, meet new people around the world and enjoy with a Medieval MMORPG which is constantly updated to bring you all the possible action and fun.

Aren't you decided yet? We offer a high-end dedicated server, professional Staff, constant updates and a whole bunch of fun. Once you have tried it you won't want to leave!

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Touching PvP up
We've made some small changes in order to improve the PvP gameplay:

- Werewolves won't get their 10% bonus to damage with weapons if they're inside a city, and they won't be able to use bows, crossbows or blowguns.
- The Dispel Potion now will be able to dispel marked Sextant Points. If there were someone going to that point the teleport will fail when the count reaches zero.
- Heal spells won't recover body percentages every time. They will recover one each three times, but they will recover the triple the amount they recovered up to now.
- Now you won't be able to drop a blocking item if you have just received an attack.
- Now there will be a limit for the extra armor of the Cruelty Chests. Apart from the base armor, they can now accumulate up to 70 extra armor points.
- Barbarians and Amazons will be able to use their race command every 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

We hope these changes can help to improve the game experience. Have fun!

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