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Friday 30/09/16:

Hour Event Rules
20:30 1vs1 Tourny With magicWithout potions and bandages
22:00 Cl. of Swords With magicWith potions and bandages
23:30 Conquerors Without magicWithout potions and bandages

Current Time: 13:58 PM

Why WoD?

We have been active for more than 14 years. We would like you to try our Free to Play Medieval MMORPG. Our experience and hard work is our best presentation chart. We could tell you a lot of things about, according to many, the best Ultima Online server, but the most important reason to start playing with us are our players and, as a tribute for his years of loyalty, they are who you should read first >here<

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World of Dread is a totally customized Ultima Online server. Here you will live new experiences, meet new people around the world and enjoy with a Medieval MMORPG which is constantly updated to bring you all the possible action and fun.

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Improvements in races and weapons
We're planning to include a lot of new features in the next weeks. This patch includes the following:

- One random hour a day monsters will drop 50% more gold.
- New item "Lucky Hammer" which will appear randomly in any Paragon monster. This item will be able to imbue another weapon on the Transmutation Chest and bonus it randomly with a +1 to +3 bonus.
- The random appearance of +1 and +2 weapons will now be doubled.
- +1 to +5 weapons will now be a bit better. +1 weapons will be improved a lot and +5 weapons will be improved just a bit, so now the difference is not linear. The difference between a regular weapon and a +1 weapon will be much more noticeable now. This said, the +5 weapons will be still a bit better than before.
- The doors on all the Champion zones will now be opened with some more space, so it should be more fair and balanced between defence and attack.

And we have some improvements in some races:
- Dwarves and Duergars will be now profiled as a defense class and will have now 30 more of base health and 30 more of base armor, but their Magery spells will have 10% less power.
- Humans are now more profiled as a support class and they will enjoy of healing a 30% more with bandages and magery when healing other players (this is 50% more healing with magery than any other race), and their Strength, Agility, Cunning, Bless, Protection and Arch Protection spells will have a 30% higher affect when affecting other players.
- Barbarians will have a 10% damage increased bonus on their Berserker state with the .barbarian command and will have +10 base armor more than they had, for a total of +20.

As always, we would like to read your comments on the forum.

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