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This section is dedicated to addressing some security issues that can make our hours of play on the server not as fun as we wanted. Therefore, we will give some tips and advices to enjoy the full of our community.

This section is divided into three blocks that match the three major safety issues that may affect all players on the server: computer security, WoD account security and donation items security.

Before we start to deal those three blocks we must speak about one of the most common ways of account hacking, which is based on spoofing of a Staff member (usually the administrator) in MSN Messenger. If you are facing a possible robbery attempt using this method, we remind that the server Staff will only communicate with players by our e-mail address (), by MensWoD or directly ingame. Therefore, if anyone tries to communicate with you posing as a Staff member through MSN Messenger, you should know in advance that this person does not belong to Staff.

Security in your computer

To avoid problems during the game, such as: Lag, slow downs, etc., it is always good to know that our system is in good conditions, virus and spyware free, as those progran use the full internet connection and can cause problems during the playtime.

To avoid these problems it is best to install an antivirus to keep this annoying threats away from our system.

Paired with the Antivirus is always good to have an Antispyware. These programs remove all those applications that, user unconsciously, are installed over the Internet and are sending information to the network considerably slowing our Internet speed and causing the annoying "lag".

For those users who want to be absolutely sure that their computer is safe from attacks from the Internet, they can also install a Firewall. These programs are responsible for controlling all the information that is sent and received on the Internet, blocking what you don't want to download or don't want to send. The problem with this kind of programs is that sometimes they're hard to configure, blocking connections that they must allow or giving free way to something they mustn't. For this reason, if you believe that you won't be able to configure it properly, you'd better not try.

In this section we will make a special mention to a kind of malicious program that is particularly dangerous on the issue of security, Keyloggers. These programs are designed to save to a file everything that is typed on the keyboard and then sent to the person who sent you the program. Sometimes these programs can be disguised as pictures, text files, or PowerPoint presentations, which are installed on the computer when the user runs the file that is camouflaged. Since then, anything you type on the keyboard will be recorded in a file that the person sending the program can check anytime and can read even private conversations with other people or usernames and passwords for anything. The most commonly used method to acquire accidentally damaging one of these programs is that someone sent by MSN Messenger hidden in a picture or anything like that, so the Staff advise extreme caution with which things are accepted from your MSN contacts and that you should be certain that the person who is sending any file is totally legit.

Security in your WoD Account

Maintaining a good security in our account is simple if you follow a few tips that are based on several different topics that we will deal below.

The first is to have a strong password. Given that our server gives the option to have a password of 11 digits and may be used only numbers and letters, it is best to have a combination of these characters. It may not be like "jack23" or something like that, but something more complicated. Ideally a password that had 11 digits with numbers and letters, alternating one of each type. For example something like: "b1i2r3d9s2". To remember these passwords as complicated as secure there are two options: the first is to choose a word that we easily remember and intercut with some number that we are familiar (as in the example above that combined the word "birds "with a birth date" 03/12/92 "), so no danger that we forget our password. The second option is obviously to have it pointed somewhere, even if we do so we advise to write it on paper, not in a text file on your own computer, since someone with good knowledge of hacking could find the file with your password and use it.

The second issue to address is very simple. The server Staff won't ask you for your password ABSOLUTELY NEVER. The reason is simple: the Staff doesn't need your password for nothing, because any task or problem that involves to perform any change to an account a GM can do it from his account without having to enter in yours.

We must bear in mind that you are not allowed to transfer an account from one person to another without the express permission of the Staff. The loan, sale or exchange of an account without this permission will be punished with the ban of the accounts involved. To request permission to transfer an account, you can write us to .

The security in donation items

The security in donation items is very simple since the Donation Merchant was installed in the server. As donation items cannot be stolen, you only need to consider two tips:

1.- Never lend your donation items to any player, since then you have no way to recover them. If you borrow a donation item to another player, you should know that you do so at your sole responsibility. You cannot clain a item that was given voluntarily, so you should avoid this as far as possible.

2.- Any purchase or sale of a donation item you want to do, you should do it by the Donation Merchant.

If you want to sell an item in the Donation Merchant, remember to set exactly the price you expect to receive in exchange. If you sell an item at a price too low and someone else whom you want buys it, you cannot claim. All deals made through the Donation Merchant are final and cannot go back. Remember that the price is set in gold coins, so if you want to sell an item for a million, you must write "1000000" and nothing else, as "1000k", for example.