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Feedback from our players

What do our players think about our virtual world? What do they think about the constant work we do? In this section you can read directly to them, the stars of the game: Our players. Join to our virtual community and you will be one of them and you will enjoy everyday by their side.

Does World of Dread accomplish the expectations I'm looking in an Ultima Online server? I myself, many years ago I did the same question, and the answer is a resounding YES. Why? I guess that will give you the confidence to take almost a decade working with its own client and staff working daily, which means that it is always active. Furthermore, it is worth noting its speed, which in the game is zero latency. Talking to a little more of it, I could tell you hundreds of stories that have led me to form many friends within the server, but to make it faster I will highlight in a nutshell what is World of Dread:
Dozens of custom NPCs, dungeons, quests, unique professions, necromancy, twelve kinds of races so you can customize your character, daily automated tournaments of all kinds, plus a bunch of other things ... and if yours are not handicrafts, or hunts, you can always choose to do PvP, thanks to its own 1vs1 systems, areas with continue battles or even conquer a castle fighting side by side with your guild members... And if that were not enough, you can practice PvP with your own shadow in the Dark Shadow Battle. If you like, don't hesitate it. Get your account and head over to our forum where you will surely be received with open hands. Hope to see you very soon in the game. ;)

Bowlofmilk, WoD player from 2004 to 2007 and from 2010 until now.

The server is very well done, i've played UO over 11 years (since september 2010 in WoD) and I've never seen such complicated scripts, that gives it a marvelous gameplay. An infinity of crafteable items, variated an exclusive PvN, mixing monster hunting with exclusive dungeons, PvP delay faster than normal, but easy to get used, and a race system and skills very playable. Also an staff that personally and daily cares about any problem you have, in short, a great server to returning or beginning to play UO.

Narko Chileno, WoD player since 2010 up to date.

After 9 years online surely that are lot of things to be improved, but what I like about WoD and the reason why i'm still in this server after a few years, its the possibility of always having something to do connect when you connect and the oportunity of having always an objective to follow with the abscence of skill and stats limit. Also as being a masive multiplayer game, there is a wide variety of people and personalities, that traduces it into diversity relationships with other players: friendships, enmities, intrigues, betrayals, etc.

Dur, WoD player since 2008 up to date.

After years of searching a Masive Online Rol Game, that aported me the same as Ultima Online, I encounter World of Dread, the best Spanish Ultima Online server.
I decide try it a few days, and looking the quantity and quality of NPC, weapons, armors and options to have fun, I stay in it. It has been more than three years, i've known loyal people, others more childish, but in the end the diversity is what gives you fun to this game.

Cots, WoD player since 2007 up to date.

Since the first day I joined this server, I realized that it was diferent server, since the Staff treatment was much better than other servers, and also grows day by day.
There is many NPCs, Guilds, Crafts, and other things with which you can have fun and enjoy with your friends wich is the most important. Thanks to all of us, this server grows day by day and the most part of the help we owe to Belthazor for his hard work and correctly performance in all of this years.
In short, WoD is the suitable server to enjoy with your friends, and if you don't know nobody you'll take little time to do friends, since most players strive everyday to help little by little to be many more.

Joker, WoD player since 2006 up to date.

I also ask myself how after more than 7 years in this server I have not yet bored it, but I think that the answer is in how well organized the server is, the staff attention is superb, there are constant improvements that makes you to want to play in each moment, because there is always something to do. If you like fighting you can always do it alone or with your friends. If you like hunting, there is infinity of NPCs to have fun, and if you like more Crafting also you have infinity of Skills, including the Professions that for me is unic and innovating thing and it has given a lot of life to the server. If you are looking for fun, meet people, adventures, don't hesitate entering this community because i'm sure that you will not regret! Would you like your opinion to be read by future WoD new players? You can also head to them! Write us to with your opinion about the server, and you can appear in this section. It's impossible that all the comments appear here, but we will do our best to make yours be one of them.