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Recommend Us

Inviting someone to come and play with us can lead to a reward.

It is necessary that someone who is recommended by you include your player name in the "Recommended by" space when confirming their account (not including race, only the name). For the validation of the recommendation, apart from including your player name, the new player must play actively and stay at least one month on the server. When these two conditions are met, you will receive one recommendation point.

You can check inside the game at any time the status of your recommended players with the command .recommendations. You'll get a bonus for every player that meets the requirements, which consists in the extension by one month of your Premium Membership. If you are not a Premium Member, you'll get one free month, and if you already are, your membership will be extended by one month.

You will also have higher bonuses when you reach a certain number of recommended users and accumulate points. The rewards in exchange of those points are as follows. The points are not spent, all bonuses are achieved recommending people, but you don't have to choose between one prize or another.

- 1 point: 2 points to spend in the events prize stone.

- 2 points: 5 points to spend in the events prize stone.

- 4 points: 10 points to spend in the events prize stone.

- 7 points: Elven silk cloak (unbreakable, inloot, untransferable, rare color and +30.0 to Stealth) the first time, and 200.000 gold coins the following.

- 10 points: Runic Shield (repairable, inloot, untransferable, rare color and +42 AR with 100.0 in Parrying) the first time, and 300.000 gold coins the following.

- 12 points: +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence, 10 points to spend in the events prize stone.

- 15 points: Ancient Earrings (unbreakable, inloot, untransferable, rare color, +10 AR and +2 Strength) the first time, and 500.000 gold coins the following.

If you can recommend up to 15 users, the total counter will continue counting, but the number of points for the prize will be back to 0 so you can get the rewards again. That is, if you managed to get 30 recommendations, you would have received all the rewards twice.

Also, for every player you bring to play with us and meet with the conditions to give a recommendation point, you will be rewarded with one month of Premium Membership.

You are not allowed to trade, or cheating in any way with the points of the recommendation system. These actions will be punished with the forfeiture of all the benefits of the recommendation for the offender.