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Game Rules

By accessing our online game, you are certifying the acceptance of the following User Agreement, presented in the form of rules. Here are the terms in which we provide the service to access to the game.

It is mandatory that you read the rules before starting to play. Otherwise, you could be punished because of ignorance about them.

Ignorance of the rules does not excuse

Our client creates screenshots just by pressing the button "Print Screen". When you press it a minimized window will appear in the taskbar. If you click it, it will show the captured image and will give you the options to save or delete the image. If we decide to keep it, it will create a file on the desktop called Screenshot(n).jpg. This file should not be touched under any circumstances. If you try you cannot view the image as it is encrypted so it can not be changed by anyone and only us can see it. If you touch it, you will transform the image into an unusable file and it won't serve as proof. If the screenshot is an insult, the journal must be opened and expanded, so we can check the whole conversation.

You should not send a page to warn that you are sending a screenshot: you should send it directly.

1- General rules

First of all, we must say that this server is a private community, and therefore the Staff (the group of people who direct and oversee the smooth running of the game), is the highest authority in deciding whether ot not a player deserves a punishment in the game.

Therefore, any person who performs an activity which, in our judgment, is unsuitable for the other players, to our computer systems, or the game, can be banned from the game and so will be the IP address of this person.

In any case, if the Staff decides there is a danger that once you've broken the rules, you can do it again, can ban you from the game without notice. The punishments that are listed in these rules are purely informative: The Staff will always have the last word in choosing what punishment is applied.

If you do not break any rule you won't have any problem. Remember that you don't play alone, and it is essential to have a set of rules to be met in order to make the game fair for all members of this community.

All the information you provide us should be true to the best of your knowledge.

Lying to a staff member on any issue or question that they do that can be decisive for the resolution of any offense within the game, or to take advantage for oneself, will be punished with a direct ban.

To hide someone is breaking or has broken any rule may be regarded as being an accomplice of the same crime. The "accomplice" will be punished with, at least, the punishment for the crime committed by the offender.

The most serious infringements that carry sentences of direct ban from the game for the offender, in all cases will cause the ban of all accounts which play from the same IP address. This will only be applicable to direct ban offenses and the offender is aware of what he or she is doing, such as advertising of other servers, use more than one account per person or use illegal programs. In the case of using a game error, the judgment of the Staff will determine if it was done in order to harm the server or any of its players.

Using the incognito spell to perform any illegal act will be considered an aggravating factor, leading to a more severe punishment.

We reserve the right to cancel service at any time, giving explanations or not, as we see fit.

Any questions you have about things that don't appear here, or if something is not quite clear, please ask the Staff.

Note: All the rules contain an explanatory text. Unfold it by clicking on the arrow to the left of the title.

Más/menos 1.1. Property and use of accounts

Más/menos 1.2. Don't mention other servers

Más/menos 1.3. Don't send a page without a reason

Más/menos 1.4. About accounts and characters

Más/menos 1.5. Don't use server errors (bugs)

Más/menos 1.6. It's forbidden to use other versions than the ones we provide

Más/menos 1.7. It's forbidden to macro with a key pressed

Más/menos 1.8. Don't be disrespectful to a Staff member

Más/menos 1.9. Don't macro saying Guards or anything else

Más/menos 1.10. Don't use palisades, magic gates or other spells in the place where you appear from the permanent moongates

Más/menos 1.11. Don't use Gate Travel over other players in guarded or invulnerable zones

Más/menos 1.12. Don't send summoned creatures through moongates

Más/menos 1.13. Usage of external programs

Más/menos 1.14. Killing players who are inside a house from outside is forbidden

Más/menos 1.15. Send a page asking doubts is forbidden

Más/menos 1.16. You can't play from a banned IP address

Más/menos 1.17. Security and maintenance of the account

Más/menos 1.18. Maintain at all times respect for other players

Más/menos 1.19. In tournaments and automatic events

Más/menos 1.20. Trade in goods and services

2- About skills and stats

The maximum strength, dexterity and intelligence is unlimited*. The skill limit is 100.0 for each, no limit on the amount of skills you want to learn. In the game, also, you can learn a job or profession and lead a primary skill over 100.0 and even get Power Scrolls and take over 100 some secondary skills. There is no limit on the amount of skills that your character can learn (there isn't skill cap).

Más/menos 2.1. You shouldn't use errors to raise skills or stats

* Raise stats: In tournaments and other events you can get points to raise your strength, dexterity and intelligence. You can raise them too by completing quests or even recommending friends to come and play with us.

3- About the Gates Room, Tournaments Arena and other invulnerable places

The first thing you should know about these places is that each has its own rules, so it is mandatory to read each and every one of the signs of each room until you know all the rules of that place, to avoid any punishment.

Más/menos 3.1. Attack or looting corpses in special areas is forbidden

Más/menos 3.2. Casting magic fields or summoning animals or creatures in the Gates Room is forbidden

Más/menos 3.3. Leaving animals in the Gates Room is forbidden

Más/menos 3.4. Suiciding where looting is not allowed is forbidden

Más/menos 3.5. Macroing in special places is forbidden

Más/menos 3.6. Read and follow the other rules that can be found on the signs in the entrances of these special areas

4- About PvP

Más/menos 4.1. There is not a reskill rule (kill a player after resurrecting)

5- About houses, roads, entrances to public places and public places themselves

Más/menos 5.1. Don't block roads, trails or entrances to places

Más/menos 5.2. Don't place a building blocking someone else's house or own

Más/menos 5.3. Don't enter anyone else's house using a game error (bug)

Más/menos 5.4. Don't summon animals or cast fields in other people's houses

Más/menos 5.5. Don't store animals in houses or public places

Más/menos 5.6. Don't store items on the floor of the houses

Más/menos 5.7. Don't build a house over a respawn or enclose a respawn inside the house

Más/menos 5.8. You cannot claim anything of a removed house

Más/menos 5.9. You can't build more than two houses forming a barrier

6- About vendors

Más/menos 6.1. You can place a vendor only in a house or store of your property

Más/menos 6.2. Do not swindle with vendors

7- Rules for dealing with GMs and Staff members

Más/menos 7.1.- Respect Staff members

Más/menos 7.2.- Staff members functions