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Character Power-Ups

We offer the following character templates that can be obtained through Donation. A player can apply a Power Up on his character satisfying these terms:

- The skills of the Power Up are non-negotiable. Skills already raised at 100.0 in your character will not be exchanged for others.
- If your character has or has had a profession at any time the Power Up offer is not applicable.
- If your character is less than 10 days old we can change your race for free when you acquire any Power Up.
- All the terms explained in the Donation section will apply too.

We offer two different flavors of Power Ups: Lite and Premium. The Lite Power Up is though for those players who can have a character ready to play and a small price. The Premium Power Up is though for those who want a more advanced player (it includes Magic Resistance at 100.0), or those who want a craftsmen profession (you can choose any craftsmen profession with the Premium Power Up). Both Power Ups include a fighting profession, or you can choose not to have a profession if you want to get it later ingame. In the Premium Power Up you can also include extras like the Necromancy skill raised at 100.0 and the Necromancy Book at cheaper prices than acquired separately.

With the following tool you can configure your own Power Up. You can see what you have configured below.

Lite Power Up (30 €)
Premium Power Up (70 €)
Premium Power Up + 100 Necromancy + Necromancy Book (90 €)

Choose the race of your character:

All the Power Ups have a fighting skill raised at 100.0 included. Choose one:

All the Power Ups include a profession, everytime it is compatible with your race and the Power Up included the skill of the profession raised at 100.0. These are the professions you can choose with the race and skills you've chosen:

Also, you can choose a Donation Shield:

And a Donation Ring:

This is the Power Up you have configured:

Base Stats 162 Strength 10 €
138 Dexterity
138 Intelligence
Skills 100.0 Anatomy 20 €
100.0 Parrying 30 €
100.0 Evaluating Intelligence 20 €
100.0 Magery 30 €
100.0 Tactics 30 €
100.0 Fighting Skill 30 €
100.0 Magic Resistance Not Included
100.0 Craftsmen Skill Not Included
Profession None
Donation Items Order Shield 5 €
Protection Ring 15 €
Gold 200.000 coins
Premium Membership 6 Months Not Included
Total Value 190 €
Final Price 30 €

If you are interested in a Power Up you can make your Donation order following the instructions in that section. Don't forget to tell us what is your account name and the desired Power Up. You can copy the Power Up configured here by you in the order.

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