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About us

World of Dread is an Ultima Online server which opened in summer 2002, more than 21 years ago, which evolves constantly meeting our players' suggestions. In our world, you can live an experience which you won't find in any other game, as we offer endless possibilities to perform. You'll find hundreds of different types of weapons, dozens of different kinds of armor and dozens of items to equip or tools to complete your equipment.

Fight, solve puzzles, make amazing armors, decorate your house, alwais in the company of hundreds of Spanish and English-speaking players.

Our main server is hosted in Europe, with a 200 mbps connection, which allows the best latencies to our players.

Constantly evolving: You may raise, if you can, all the skills up to 100 points. Once you get this limit, you can even cross it choosing a job or proffesion for your player, or getting special items passing tests like the Champions or the Dungeons. You can also raise the stats Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence without a limit, provided you are able to win tournaments or mass events as 1vs1, 2vs2, Color Wars, Survival, Races, Boxing Tournaments and many more.

Socialize: Join associations set up by other players as guilds and cooperate with them to achieve common goals. Help then and they will help you.

Research: Explore the world constantly searching for new challenges, new monsters and new puzzles to solve.

Specialize: Choose a profession to go further than the masters and make new items only reserved for legendary craftsmes. Create a business empire getting good merchant reputation among other players.

Enjoy: And above all, enjoy our world and everything it offers. Unique systems like the Dark Shadow Battle, where an identical copy of yourself combats handled by the computer as any other player would. Systems like the alloy weapons system, which allows yo to make a weapon with different features mixing different ores. ¡There are millions of different possibilities with the alloy weapons! Go into the Shame Dungeon with a few companions and fight against the legendary Wyrm to get its precious treasure. Help the Bounty Hunter to end with the fiercest creatures of the world and get a great reward in exchange. Fight against Phrotos, a dangerous evil wizard, and avoid all his traps in the Deceit Dungeon There is always something to do in World of Dread!