No more donations accepted


From now on no more donations will be accepted to support the server. This doesn’t mean the server is going to be close, but from now it will be supported by the Staff without economical support from the players. On the next few months we’ll probably extend this decision to[...]

The Ethereal Jewels come back

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After almost a year without them it’s clear it wasn’t a good change, so we’re returning the Ethereal Jewels to the game. These are the changes: – The Ethereal Jewels will be equipable outside dungeons. – All the Ethereal Jewels will be linked to the first players who equips them.[...]

Christmas tree placement instructions


As every year, we offer the possibility to place a Christmas tree in your house and get a small present. Everyone who places a Christmas tree in their house will get a small present on Three Kings Day, 6th January. To get this present the placement of the tree should[...]

Client update and some small changes

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We’ve updated the client to fix two problems: one with the movement walking on Spider Silk, and other that allowed players to run quicker with arrow keys than with mouse. Due to this, the Web Necromancy spell has been enabled again. Also the Water Barrel will now have 3 uses[...]

Balancing races and runic weapons

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We’ve made some changes to continue balancing the races: – Duergar and Dwarves: -10% physical damage. – Humans: 10% bonus to physical armor (the equipped physical armor will grant a 10% extra armor). – Half-elves: 10% damage if they have more dexterity than the enemy – Orcs: .orc will grant[...]

Discount on Power Ups for Christmas


From today, December 18th, until January 10th inclusive, all the new Power Ups will enjoy a discount of 10 euro. In order to get the offer you just have to mention it on the order and the discount will be applied. Happy Christmas!

Change when marking a point with a sextant


We’ve made a small change when marking a point with a magical sextant. Now it will take 5 seconds to mark the point, and while it is being marked the player won’t be able to move. If the player gets damaged during this time the point mark will be cancelled.

Balancing PvP


We’ve balanced the Runic Weapons slightly reducing the damage of all of them and a bit more to the slower and heavier weapons. We’ve also added a cooldown between eating a Blue Seed (both types) after eating another Blue Seed.

Touching PvP up

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We’ve made some small changes in order to improve the PvP gameplay: – Werewolves won’t get their 10% bonus to damage with weapons if they’re inside a city, they won’t be able to use blowguns and they’ll do 50% less damage with bows and crossbows. – The Dispel Potion now[...]

Improvements in races

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We’ve made some improvements in some races in order to improve the balance, give them more personality and make them different from the others. – Barbarian: We’ve modified their race command .barbarian. Now it will be a berserker mode and will give him +40 Strength, +25 Tactics and will restore[...]