Christmas tree placement instructions


As every year, we offer the possibility to place a Christmas tree in your house and get a small present.

Everyone who places a Christmas tree in their house will get a small present on Three Kings Day, 6th January. To get this present the placement of the tree should comply with the following rules:

- The Christmas tree can be bought and placed until 1st January, included.

- The tree should be placed inside the house, not in the surroundings. Every tree found placed outside a house will be removed.

- Only one tree per house. If there are two trees inside the same house neither of them will get a present.

- Place the tree, if you can, in a house where only you can access, because if someone enters and get the present you won’t be able to recover it.

- To avoid that people who haven’t placed their tree get a present, or a player getting two presents, there are security measures: The item will appear with its owner name, so it can’t be transfered and only the true owner can use it.

- This year we’re introducing a new thing. The players which play actively during the Christmas will get a more important gift than those that just place the tree, but don’t play actively.

You can get your deed to place a Christmas tree in the white stone in the center of the Gates Room. Only one tree is allowed per player and its price is 5000 gold coins.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!