Storm Dragon

World of Dread is back!


As many of you already know, we’re back. There were many of you that asked us to come back and we couldn’t say no. The new project we’ve shaped together really looks great! As we’d already announced on our Discord and the Forums, on August 30th, 19:00 CET+1 the server will open again. These are the changes we’ve made for this great day.

Interface improvements:

  • FPS configuration.
  • Option to hide roofs.
  • Options to show more map instead of stretching the game view.

Character creation:

  • You’ll start with these skills already at 100: Magery, Magic Resistance, Parrying, Tactics, Swordsmanship, Macefighting, Fencing, Wrestling, Archery and Necromancy.
  • You can choose 3 more skills and they’ll start at 50 o5 80 depending on their difficulty.
  • Chance to remove the character if it has less than 24 hours played.


  • Stat cap at 160/140/140 and they can be raised by playing regularly PvN and PvP.
  • You’ll be able to take potions with a macro.
  • Increased the % of important minerals in two mines around the world.
  • Increased the % of  appearance of socketable gems.
  • Mounts will now have 10 lives. When they die they will go back to the backpack of the owner while they have lives left.
  • Blue seeds will now heal over time instead of instantly.
  • Fight club: if you disconnect you’ll die after 20 seconds. You’ll be able to use fields.
  • Weapons can’t be saved on an armament chest. Only armors can.
  • Minoc won’t be guarded.
  • Removed the Clash of Swords event.
  • Removed insurances.
  • Ninth circle will be used only by the Wizard race.
  • Guild war won’t be available for the moment.
  • Only Destard will be available as a special dungeon for the moment. Shame, Deceit, Diablo and Hell will be closed. “Minidungeons” like Ice, Earth and Stone will be closed too, but Fire Dungeon will be available.
  • There will be just one champion active for the moment. Others will be available at a later stage.
  • Removed all important NPCs but Templars and Sha-kens.
  • On the tournament stone you won’t be able to raise your stats. You’ll be able to buy reagents bag and armors for tournament points.
  • There won’t be professions. In it’s place, around 15 skills will be able to be raised using Power Scrolls. All these skills are craftsmanship skills, but none of them can be used on PvP.


  • There will be headquarters to rent.
  • The first 2 months you won’t need to pay and the priority to choose a HQ will be for the guild that previously owned that HQ (max. 1 per guild).
  • There will be a cooldown of 2.5 seconds when opening magic doors.


  • We’ve removed lot of items and others have been modified to guarantee to not affect the gameplay.
  • All of them can be acquired by gold coins ingame and with donation checks.
  • The donation delivery will be automatic. Once the payment is made, you’ll get your donation checks directly on your bankbox.
  • Payments will be processed through Paypal.

+ info on donation items: