The time’s right to say goodbye


After almost 17 years and after offering service to dozens of thousands people, the time’s right to say goodbye. Many of you won’t understand this decission, but when you’re certain about keeping fighting is a nonsense you should accept it. This certainty came so much time ago, even more than a year, and all the efforts to revert this situation were unuseful. These efforts were motivated by the responsibility and the gratitude I feel for most of you, those who keep playing from time to time. Above all the things, thank you. It’s because of you this has been running for all these years. Some of you have been here more than half a life and that’s not easy. I feel proud of that. Regrettably, even if it’s hurts too much because of the significance of this server for all us, it’s been too long since the red line was crossed. Disappointments far outweigh the joys, and when that happens you have to take decisions, even if they are hard to take.

The last day for the server will be July 15th, the precise day it would be 17 years since the testing began, in the distant summer of 2002.

I’m so sorry for these bad news. Once more time: thank you.

Forever yours,