Adventurer's Corner

New Daily Missions system

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We’ve added a new Daily Missions system that will allow the players to complete every day a small mission and get a very interesting prize at the end of the month. The features of this new system are as follows:

- The missions are designed to last between 20 and 45 minutes.
- The mission will be the same for every players every day, so there will be encounters around the world.
- The mission of each day will start at 21:00. You will see a global message with the information of the mission.
- In order to complete the mission is necessary to start it using the menu. You can access it using .mission.
- From this menu you will be able to check all the information as the progress of the current mission or the total completed missions of the current month.
- At the moment there are just a few different missions, but we will add some more in the next weeks.

These are the prizes for completing the missions during a month:
- If you complete the mission every day of the month: 20 points for the Events Prize Stone.
- If you complete 25 missions: 5 points for the Events Prize Stone.
- If you complete 20 missions: 15 days of Premium Membership.
- If you complete 15 missions: 100k + a random rune + random jewel of the first 3 levels.
- If you complete 10 missions: 100k + a random rune.
- If you complete 5 missions: 30k.

The prizes will be awarded automatically the first day of each month at 21:00.

We hope you like this new add-on!