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World of Dread Client

Welcome to the information page about how does the World of Dread client work. Before downloading the client, you must accept its working features.

Instructions to install the client

End User License Agreement:

- The purpose of the client is to ensure that every user meets our rules, so it can prevent illegal software usage according to the rules. The application will also serve to improve and expand our service features. For example, it has a chat room and a small application to view the map of the game and mark useful locations.

- The Anti-cheat client can collect information about the features and applications being executed in the player's computer, with the only purpose of avoiding the use of illegal software in our server and the break of any rules.

- At no given time will the client collect information about passwords, private conversations and all other kind of information, saved in the player's computer, which may compromise their privacy.

- At no given time will the collected information be used for a purpose different from the evaluation about the use of some illegal software or the break of a rule.

- If you don't accept this license, you are not allowed to play in World of Dread.

I accept the client license and I want to download it

I accept the client license and I want to download it (If you have any trouble with the previous file)

I don't accept the client license