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The world is full of plants that have diferent effects on the player. Here you have a list of all of the plants that you can find in this world.



Sadly, this plant grows everywhere in the world. If you step on it you will be paralyzed for a few seconds.



Grows in the desert. You can only grab it if you have an empty bottle in your backpack. The Miodena spores are an ingredient for a special potion made by Alchemist that increases your magical skills.


Igneous Bulb

Just like the spines, this plant grows everywhere. If you step on it you will get considerably burned.



This flower grows in almost every forest in Sosaria. This plant holds the power to create runes, and a variety of potions.


Death Lotus

If you step on it, you will be cursed by a powerful, life-sucking spell. The only cure is a plant called Panacea. It grows everywhere. It can be used to create some potions



It’s the only cure to the curse of the death Lotus. It grows in virtually every forest. It also can be used to create some potions.



It also grows in the forest. Orcs can use it to create potions using alchemy.



It grows in swamps. It’s used to poison the hapoe´s darts. If you touch it, you will feel really sick.



Grows in every forest. It creates a hallucinogenic effect.



It grows in only a few hidden places of the world. It has 2 parts, the trunk and the brambles. Anyone can pick the brambles and obtain hapoe darts. But the trunk you need to have 100 in Lumberjacking and 160 DEX to get it.

P-hapoe.gif P-hapoe2.gif

Ice Lotus

If you step on it causes total paralysis, you can’t move or cast spells, and if you receive any type of damage, you instantly die. But, if you are careful, you can pick it up and use it to create useful antidotes to magical paralysis.


Mysterious Flower

This flower has an amazing power. It’s used for decoration but it also has the power to create a magic rune, which is the ingredient to one of the most powerful weapons in the world. They are many of them, but really hidden in the world.


Golden Flower

This flower is by far the strangest one. No one knows what it does, so it’s used for decoration. It can only be found in the Eterno Errante Quest


Far Island Plant

Ingredient for 2 potions: Wall of stone and Wall of fire. You need extensive knowledge in Alchemy to create it.