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Graphic Interface

Entrenador wod cliente nuevo2.jpg

The "Open" button allows us to access to our Entrenador macros we have saved in our computer and open them.

The "Save" button allows us to save the macro we have done in the "Script" field.

The "Start" button runs the macro we have in the "Script" field.

The "Script" field is used to create the macro we want to use in the game.

The box "Mouse" allows us to know in each moment wich are the coordinates that our mouse points in the game window.

The box "Executing:" allows us to know what is the function state of our macro and if is running, wich line is executing in every moment.

To execute the macroing program Entrenador, right click over the World of Dread icon next to the clock on the taskbar and then choose "Open macroing program"

Abrir programa de macreo.jpg

We can choose UOLoop, Entrenador and Eenas, we click over Entrenador and we will have it ready to use.

Syntax and Commands

Clicks To do click in the Ultima On-line screen we can use this commands:

lclick x y (Left Click) rclick x y (Right Click) dlclick x y (Double Left Click) drclick x y (Double Right Click)

X and Y are the coordinates of the gameplay screen. We can obtain them from the "Mouse" box.


dlclick 400 600
DragDrop With this command we can drag "i" items from one location to other. To do this we have to put:

dragdrop i items from x0 y0 to xf yf


dragdrop 1 items from 410 700 to 425 460 dragdrop 75 items from 560 411 to 711 657
Key With this command we can execute a key with the script (macro) to the Ultima On-line client. To do this we have to put:

key X

"x" can be any key from our keyboard, like numbers, "F" keys (F1, F2, F3, ...), etc.


key F1

key 8

key a

Text Makes your charactet "speak", saying the phrase you put in "X". To do this we have to put:

text X


text Hello everybody!

text buy

Repeat Repeats the commands "(...)" that are between each instructions "i" times. It is permmited to use many repeats, one inside each other.

repeat i (...) end repeat


(This will say "Hello" 2 times)

repeat 2

text Hello

end repeat

(This will say "Hello" 2x2 times, that is, 4 times)

repeat 2

repeat 2

text Hello

end repeat

end repeat

Loop It is used without parameters, reiniciates the script from the beggining.


(This will say "Hello" without stopping)

text Hello


Wait With this command we will execute a wait of X MILISECONDS.


(Makes a 1 second wait)

wait 1000

(Makes a 2,5 seconds wait)

wait 2500

Walk This command is used to walk in the game. Is used like this:

walk XX

XX is one of the following options:

NN: Walks to the North.

NE: Walks to the North-East.

NW: Walks to the North-West.

WW: Walks to the West.

EE: Walks to the East.

SW: Walks to the South-West.

SE: Walks to the South-East.

SS: Walks to the South.


walk NN

walk SE