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Commands are useful for generating special actions in-game. There are three main categories.


Personal Commands

.vote: You can vote every 24 hours! Help us grow! Vote for the server day by day!

.hungry: It tells us our hunger status.

.block: Blocks items inside the first level of the bank chest or donation organizer, so you can´t move them on accident.

.train_bandages: You do not attack an opponent when he/she is using bandages, useful for combat training, but remember to deactivate it once you finish training or it will cause a disadvantage in combat.

.expedient: Reminder of your infractions and staff penalizations.

.cw_status: Informs the status of the Color War teams.

.mana_pvn: Trades 50 HP for 50 Mana in PvN survival.

.pass: Opens the menu for changing your password.

.acct: Shows the menu to modify your register information.

.remove_jewels: Removes all your equipped jewels.

.suicide: Commits suicide.

Bank: If you say it close to a banker, it will open your bank.

Guards: Tell the guards in a protected city that there is a murderer or criminal around.

Menu: Opens the ship navigation menu.

.spill: Used to spill potions and potion kegs.

.level_dsb X: Sets the difficulty level in the Dark Shadow Battle, from 1 to 10.

.famkar: Tells you your karma and fame.

.recommended: Tells you whom you recommended to our server, and how many recommendation points you have.

.orbs: Tells you the orbes you have found for Orbes Quest.

.profi: Edits your character info, this info will be on the server status.

.necro XX: Cast Necromancer spells without having to open the book, the XX are the magic location number.

.camouflage: Can only be used by those who have elected the Alchemist Profession.

.gates: Activates or deactivates the your ability to pass through player generated tele-transportation gates.

.insults: Shows your insult count and the time you have left without talking.

.virtuous: Shows you the temples that you have completed for the Virtuous Quest.

.sign: Activates or deactivates your character's signature on crafted items.

.bandages: Heals your character with bandages without having to double click the bandages, but remember you cannot cast magic spells while using this command.

.seejobs: Shows you the profession of the NPC Vendors.

.checkpotionid: Shows potion id

.potion <id>: Uses potion id

.moveorganizer x,y: to move an item inside the donation organizer the amount of pixels from its current position

Personal Commands for Premium Users

.donationrepair: You can only use this command in Gates Room, it repairs the equipped donation items.

.premium: Shows you the time left you have as a Premium user.

.online: Shows you a list of the online members of your guild.

.guildchat: Deactivates or activates the guild chat.

.organize: Stacks up to 175 of the same object in all in the same position in your backpack, which is very useful for organizing potions in bags. You can also use it in the form .organize XX, where XX is the number of items you want to stack.

.spellcolor: Allows you to change the font color of your spells.

.reseffect: Allows you to change or add a resurrection effect.

.gatecolor: Allows you to change the color of your summoned gates.

.vendormoney: Shows your personal vendor's current gold balance, as well as the number of players that have visited during his/her present shift.

Pet Commands

Come: Your animal will come close to you.

Friend: Your animal treats targeted player as another owner.

Guard: Your animal will guard the targeted being.

Kill: Your animal attacks the targeted being.

Stay: Your animal stops and stays in current spot.

Transfer: Transfers your animal to a targeted being.

Release: Releases your animal or vendor.

Go: Makes your animal move away so you can pass.

Drop: Your animal drops everything it’s carrying to the ground.

Vendor Commands

Buy: Will open the menu of the vendor so you can see what is inside. This acts the same as double-clicking on a vendor.

Bye: Saying bye to a nearby vendor #1 allows you to speak to an even closer vendor #2 without the confusion of vendor #1 thinking that you are still trying to buy or sell from him.

Train: The closest vendor will teach you a skill for some gold... IE... Train Poisoning, Train Wrestling... Etc.

Collect: If you are the owner of the vendor, he will give you the gold he is holding, leaving some gold so he can work.

Cash: If you are the owner of the vendor, he will give you all the gold he is holding.

Price: If you are the owner of the vendor, you can set a Price to an item you want to sell.

Sell: Sells ítems to vendors.

Stock: If you are the owner of the vendor, shows you the items he has not yet sold.

.vendor_name: If you are the owner of the vendor, it renames it.

.flipstock: If you are the owner of the vendor, it flips the list of items for sale upside down.

Sell pet: If you are the owner of the vendor, it allows you to sell animals that can't be shrunk, you need to have a shrink potion in your backpack.

Recover: If you are the owner of the vendor, it allows you to recover a shrunk animal.