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Order… Chaos…

An eternal struggle, the origin of which no one can even recall. Long ago, the seven Gods of Order were liberated by Deathfang and battled almost incessantly against their seven rivals, the seven Gods of Chaos, who were liberated by Belthazor. All throughout history the reign over this world has swapped between these two great entities, sometimes in the hands of Order with their oppressive authority and absolute power, and other times in the hands of Chaos with their unstoppable destruction.

Meanwhile, opponents of the ruling power lay defeated in their own layers, always plotting and searching for a way to overthrow their opponents and regain their power over the kingdom. It is well known that during the second era, a time over which Order governed, there was such heavy persecution over the people of Chaos that death was the only way their followers could remain loyal… Then, on one particularly dark night, mostly attributed to the drinking of far too much alcohol, a mother gave birth to her bastard child Tarod. As his father was unknown, his mother was forced to raise him in a conservative town where he was disowned as a result of his manner of birth. One day, however, there was a violent hurricane with bright lightning consuming the sky and bone-chilling crashes of thunder sounding out as thousands of tortured souls surged and cried out unexpectedly, dragging the bastard child and ousting him into the unknown wilderness.

Completely beaten and at the border of death, the youth was picked up by a caravan that passed through the wilderness, the members of which he later found to be an adept group of folk who dedicated their time to the study of the ancient art of magery, and all of whom belonged to the Order. Without any delusions of returning to his village, he decided to join in the Order and live there for the rest of his life. Since his childhood he had demonstrated an innate aptitude in the realm and ancient art of magery, and he therefore excelled in his studies within the Order academy. Although he shared with his peers a grand affinity towards the subject matter of magery, he did not share this affinity towards the ideology of the Order. Instead, he naturally gravitated towards those ideologies of the Chaos, even though it was strictly prohibited to even mention this ideology. Eventually this lead him to an outburst of fury in which he expressed his doubts about the Order, after which he was accused of heresy and sent to the Supreme Council of the Order to receive his judgment. The Council ruled him guilty, and he was sentenced to death.

When the day of his execution arrived, chained and condemned, the guards of the Order carried him to the chamber of sacrifices where he was to serve as an example for all those who opposed the Order by angering and rejecting their Gods. Once they got there, being held at the alter brought onto him deep feelings of anguish after seeing that his friends and peers were actually going to kill him just because of a simple difference in beliefs… His anguish turned into rage… the rage turned into an uncontrollable desire for revenge… these sensations built up violently, increasing in intensiveness like a volcano before an eruption, until finally, from the inside of his very being, surged something… not a feeling, but rather something very different, something that had been dormant for many years…


He felt it flow through his veins… His muscles were fortified… His mind was crystal clear… A member of the order then shouted, “Execute him!!" It was in this precise moment that he regained complete consciousness of his reality, his feelings invaded with anger… hate…. desperation… Feeling as though his body couldn’t contain them all at once, he closed his eyes and shouted out a shrill scream of desperation!!

Utter silence is all that could be heard, an absolute silence overcame him, so true and powerful that he couldn’t even hear the sound of a sword passing through his heart, until he finally opened up his eyes expecting to fund himself dead, but instead he was astonished to find that everything was unmoving, as if frozen and putrefied… Even the fire appeared to be completely lifeless, until suddenly a blood red silhouette started taking form, descending rapidly out of the most shadowy corner of the room as it approached a more illuminated area… A humanoid with a reddish complexion appeared in front of him, his facial features were angular and perfect, as though sculpted by a famous artist, and his gaze was cold and calculated, denoting an intelligence far greater than that of any mere mortal.

-“Hello brother” –said the strange being, in a familiar tone.

-“Brother?” –questioned Tarod, in a tone of disbelief. During the sacrifice he had experienced a moment of total clarity, but now it seemed his perception was newly clouded because of something he was not even capable of comprehending

-“Ah, I see… It seems as though you woke up only for an instant at seeing that your life was in danger” –saying this, the strange being moved closer to him and put his index finger on Tarod’s forehead, and in that same moment, a jolt passed through his brain and dispelled all of his doubts…

An infinite rush of memories of all eternity came back into his mind, which no longer possessed the limitations of a human being. All of the questions and doubts which tormented him during his “life” now appeared clearly in front of him; never having a father, never even having a brother, all of this was simply a carefully and cleverly planned trick, which allowed him to pass through the seals that surrounded him and his brothers and be accepted into the world, until they were ultimately able to overthrow their much hated enemies, the gods of the Order. He now remembered clearly how he was reincarnated in the body of a baby, and how he erased his memory so as to not arouse any type of suspicion, and finally, he remembered that the final objective of his mission was near at hand. Even now that he had awoken his powers, he knew that he needed to hurry, because soon his enemies would become aware of his presence.

All of his power awoke within him a firm resolution to free his brothers, so Tarod went on course towards the island of Avatar, where he found the sacred sword that had been used to seal shut the gate that bridged the two lands of Order and Chaos. Once he arrived, it was easy for him to find the area of the temple that was dedicated to the confinement of the world of Chaos, as the center of the island radiated with an incredible magical power, but when he got there he found an great surprise- there was an enormous red dragon guarding the entrance, and even though it wouldn’t have been a big problem for him to annihilate the guardian, he knew that when he killed the dragon the seven gods of the Order would appear. He decided it the wiser to cross without making his presence known to the dragon, and so proceeded on to stealthily cross the threshold without disturbing the great beast. In a very agile and careful manner, he made his preparations to break the seal; on the floor he used his own blood to create a star with seven points, which was the symbol of Chaos, and he put the sword of truth in the center, using his power to destroy it.

When the guardian of the temple realized what had happened, it was already far too late. The guardian tried to get near Tarod but with just the slight movement of the hand of the god, a powerful bolt of lightning befell the dragon, causing him to fall to the ground, which simultaneously inspired the magical appearance of Deathfang and his brothers. Arrogant and sure of themselves, the party began to attack him, only to find an exact replica of each of themselves, but of the Chaos. Soon thereafter, a fierce battle began in which the light tried to dispel the darkness of Chaos, yet the darkness began to absorb the light of the Order. Mortally dangerous and grand lightning bolts fell from the skies only to be absorbed by the darkness, and a dark fire began flowing from the ground and enveloping their blazing bodies. One by one, the brilliant bodies of the Order were suffocated, while the bodies of the gods of Chaos fused into one single and fierce entity…

But it was then, right before the moment in which the Chaos was about to administer the final blow that would forever rid the world of the Order, that a rush of feelings and memories invaded Tarod’s mind—memories of childhood, of the destruction provoked centuries ago in the name of the laws of those times, in the name of the gods. A great sound took him away from his thoughts as he began to perceive the great pain of the earth which was felt due to the intense battle between the two bands. His humanness strengthened deep from within him, and in a desperate attempt to stop all of this madness he desperately tried to control the strength unleashed by the recently liberated gods of Chaos, all of whom were still caught in a furiously fierce rampage directed towards all the world. His powerful mind tried desperately to control the pure animal power of the Chaos, but the closer he got to taming this power, the more fiercely animal and not tamable it became. His humanness would become his ruin as he was unable to succumb to such a great power, until finally he screamed out at the skies, drowned and suffocated in power.

-“It cannot be!! This cannot continue like this, Bethazor, brother of mine, help me!!” He immediately noticed that the great power began to diminish, the hurricane stopped fiercely blowing, the ground stopped rumbling, the oceans stopped flooding the island, the fire yielded its consumption of oxygen, and the storm and all of its elements stopped and soon a total calm overtook them, as if the entire world was waiting for an explanation.

-“What happened brother?, We have our enemies at the point of destruction and all that’s left is to administer the final blow—said Belthazor, looking at the blazing and almost pathetic image of all that was left of the Order.

-“I have walked the path of the humans, and I have learned how to live under the laws of the Order, I have seen the aberrations committed in the name of justice, and you yourself have been able to verify what has happened to our enemies after such a long time without opposition… They have accommodated, losing power and perspective… Everything needs an equilibrium, what is the Order without the Chaos, and vice versa? What will we wait for without anyone to oppose our paths? We will be held back, never moving forward, just like what happened to our enemies…”

-“Your words are wise, brother… Maybe now the hour has come that, after such a long time, the creatures of this world will be the ones who decide their own destiny. Let’s all go back together and enjoy our long deserved victory.” That being said, the darkness gave way to the tenuous light of morning in the ancient alter of the gods of Order- a tremendous battle which gave way to an era of pure liberty.

As if for the first time, an image materialized in the mind of Tarod… Those bright green forests and broad and spacious oceans- a series of sensations and feelings enveloped him, human feelings, ones that once you feel them, you’d never forget them… But this wasn’t enough… his memories weren’t enough… he wanted to go back and feel what the sunlight felt like, and he wanted to learn what each new day brought to him, and he wanted to fight for all of the causes that his heart believed in… Telepathically, he communicated his final farewell to his brothers, as he had made the decision to go back to the mortal world, the same which had spurred within him the deep insight of equilibrium, and had helped all of humans to find their own equilibrium.