November news

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Here we have some news that for sure you will like. They’re these:

- Now in the Guild Wars all the items from the corpses of the death players will go to one of the castle’s chests. All these items can be got by the Guild War winner at midnight of the next day, so the prize got in the Guild War will be much better.

- The Bomberman and the Matched 1vs1 Tournaments have been installed in the monthly schedule.

- The items crafted by the professional tailors will have more resistance, apart from the previous bonuses.

- There is a new menu in the key rings to choose to get the keys one by one, or all at a time.

- There is a new menu in the Armor Dyer which allows the Premium Members to configure each zone of the body separately. This menu can be used double clicking the Armor Dyer.

And finally, for the Fight Club:

- There are new options to coinfigure if Donation Organizers and Portable Banks can be used in a fight.

- There is a new board to sign up and wait for a challenge, without being present. When someones challenges you in the board, you will se a message to go to the Club.

- Now a gate will appear near to your rival’s corpse when you win the fight which will allow you to return to the Fight Club immediately. The time to loot the corpse has been increased up to two minutes because now you can exit at any time through the gate.

Hope you like them all!