New unique weapon: Sapphire

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We are pleased to announce a new unique weapon: the Sapphire weapon. There will be only one Sapphire weapon in the world and you will have to kill its bearer to take it. The weapon will change its shape when you equip it depending on the player highest combat skill, and it will also give +15 Magery. To keep the weapon the bearer will need to kill some player each few minutes, or he will need to stay on the Red Moongate. If the bearer disconnects a few minutes he will also lose the weapon.

When the weapon disappears, a NPC will spawn on the Red Moongate holding the weapon. This way a player can get it. Also, if a player manages to hold the weapon equipped for a long time, it will be improved with a bonus from +1 to +5.

And as a final shot: the player who keeps the weapon equiped the most time in a month will be prized with one month of Premium Membership. This also means that, due today is 26th, there is a mini-race these few days because on September 1st we will give the first prize.

We hope you enjoy this new weapon!