New monster!

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We’ve added a new monster. It is Hodur, a Dark Dragon that was suggested by the user KayroS in the forums. If you want to fight it you will have to find a vagrant which will give us a Crystal Ball to solve the mystery of Hodur. The vagrant can appear in any place of the world.

Also, we’ve modified the Valkani Warrior and now it will have a much quicker respawn, and it can appear in any place fo the world, the same as the Predators. This way you can enjoy much more this enemy that you liked but you couldn’t enjoy because of the high respawn time.

And finally, we’ve added a new option for the Premium Users to choose the type of Wall of Stone they want (the command is .walltype):

Nw Stone Walls

The spell Wall of Stone will now use more mana, but the walls will last the same time as the Energy Field spell. In comparison, the Energy Field spell last longer to be casted (this hasn’t changed), but will require less mana than before.

We hope you like the changes!