New features for the Fight Club and weaponry

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We’ve added some new features on the Fight Club and the PvP.

The biggest new feature is that now you can configure a handicap in the Fight Club’s fights, both in 1vs1 and 2vs2. You can set a handicap from 1 to 5 points for each of the two sites, or play without a handicap just as before. This can be used to match the fights which otherwise would be unequal so we expect to see more players taking part in this.

To help to promote the Fight Club, from today for a week all the players that aren’t Premium Members and aren’t members of the Fight Club, will be able to sign up without paying the 200.000 gold coins rate for the first month.

Also we’ve added the Sticky Crossbow and the Explosive Crossbow, which will be crafted with 120.0 Bowcrafting, and the Sticky Bolt and Explosive Bolt which will be made just like the Arrows with the same name, but will require 115.0 Bowcrafting.

And last but not least, we’ve changed the way the Absolute Potions affect the cooldown for the next potion. Until now there was a limit in the Absolute Potions you could use in a few minutes, but now if you use some Absolute Potions in a row the cooldown time will raise for all the potions, whatever it is. If you use the Absolute Potions with at least one minute between two of them there won’t be any consequence, but if you use them in less than a minute the cooldown time for the next potion will be raised in two seconds. This counter is reset when the player dies.

We expect your comments in the forum!