New features for PvP

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We’ve made some important changes in PvP. For a start, we’ve changed the system of guild PvP of the Red Moongate for a faction system where we will have 3 factions and each player will be able to choose one to defend it. The Red Moongate daily and weekly prizes will now be gained playing with your faction. In order to get these prizes you will have to play with your faction, it is not enough to be part of it. The factions will have a system to keep them balanced: a player won’t be able to join the faction with the most members, but will be able to join the other two. If a player is not playing with his faction for two weeks, he will be ejected from the faction so we can keep them balanced.

In the Red Moongate everyone will have to behave correctly both with partners and rivals. Any player with an inappropriate behavior in this zone will be ejected from the faction and won’t be able to join again in 20 days. If he does it again bigger punishments will be applied.

We’ve also made some changes in the Fight Club. From now on it will be free for all the players and we’ve added a moongate near the Travel Stone for a quicker access. There’s also a new option to combat with matched equipment and stats (for a price of 1.000 gold coins per player), and there is also a new option to bet against your rival, so who wins gets the total stake (the 1% of the stake will remain in the club). To be able to enjoy this new option it will be necessary to enable the bets inside the Fight Club menu, otherwise the rival will get a message saying you don’t have the bets enabled. The bets will be disabled by default and only the players who are at least 18 years old are able to enable them.

Now some changes in some potions: absolute restoration potions will recover the same as before, but they will recover it along 10 seconds instead of instantly. Total Restoration potions will now be crafted with 125.0 Alchemy, so only professional alchemist can now craft them, and we’ve added a new potion called “Half Restoration” which will be similar to Total Restoration, but a bit less powerfull, and can be crafted with the same requirements than the Total Restoration had.

The last changes are related to the Conquerors: the Wizards will now need more time to resurrect when more players of their team have been resurrected during the event, and they will need more mana to resurrect teammates. At the other hand, the number of Ylems captured by the team will reduce by one the count of resurrected teammates, so if the team has a lot of Ylems will allow the Wizard to resurrect quicker and use less mana to resurrect partners.

We hope you like these new features so much!