New balance on races and weapons

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This time we’re bringing a brand new balance for the main weapon types and the races. It will be easy to understand but hard to take advantage of. Sword wins spear, spear wins mace and mace wins sword. When hitting in close combat range with a weapon strong agains the rival’s you’ll get a 7% extra damage bonus, while fighting a stronger weapon will reduce your damage by a 7%.

The system works very simmilar for the races, and the effects will accumulate to the weapons bonus. On the next table you can see, in green, the advantages, which will give a 7% extra damage, and in orange, the disadvantages, which will reduce the damage by a 7%. Not all the races which have advantage againt other will also have a resistance to the same race, so there will be races very powerful against others, just a bit more powerful against others, balanced, or weaker. The table should be read this way: if the race of the left column attacks the race of the row, it will have the following advantage, and the color will say if it is an advantage, disadvantage or regular attack.