Lots of changes

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This time we’re bringing a lot of chantes to keep improving the game experience of the server:

- The prize for completing all the missions starting the next month will be 10 Events Prize Points and 15 days of Premium Membership.
- The guild battles return to the Red Moongate. Only the daily prize will be kept.
- The insurance of all the items is now a 50% more expensive.
- The maximum level of the new Ethereal Jewels will now be level 12.
- The Ethereal Jewels of levels 9 and less can now be transfered using a Gem to Imbue an Ethereal Jewel.
- The Ethereal Jewels of levels 10 and more can now be transfered by donation.
- The alloy system has been modified so the alloy weapons will be better (they will resist more and deal more damage), but now there are two ways of crafting them: they can be crafted just the same as before, but will have much less durability, and they can be crafted adding a “Tourmaline Gem” to the alloy, so they will have a bit more durability than before. The Tourmaline Gem can be gotten hunting a new monster wandering the world: the Tourmaline Elemental.
- The weapon durability system has been modified. Now the weapons will lose much less damage and much less hit percentaje than before when they are damaged. This will give a new opportunity to weapons that are damaged very quickly.
- We’ve added 3 new mini-quests to the world: one is about Vikings, one with Dread Lords and other with Saurus. These mini-quests will have the chance to give interesting prizes, even Ethereal Jewels, but in a very low percentage, and also some money.
- And the last thing is a new magical seed: the Brown Magical Seed, which will allow you to make an effect similar to the Disappear spell.

We hope you like the new features!