Important news on PvM

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We bring some big news. We expect this to have a great impact on PvM. From now on most of the monsters will throw an amount of gold automatically depending on their difficulty and the amount of times they’re being killed. The system will work as follows: if a monster is killed a lot it will throw less gold, and it will throw more gold if they’re killed less times. If a monster is ignored for a time and then is killed, it will throw an amount of gold much higher than it would deserve. The target we want to achieve with this is having a system that lets you kill diverse monsters while the prize for each of them is adjusted at every moment automatically. The monsters that won’t be affected by this system are just the weakest, the same that don’t give points for the PvM board.

We’ve also added a Predator in one of the spots it was some months ago, added to the four Predators that are wandering around the world.

We hope you like it!