Important changes

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We’ve decided to change some important issues to ensure the long-term future of the server.

- We’ve added a new rule, the 1.20. The trade between players of ingame goods and services in exchange of real goods and services is strictly forbidden. If a player offers or performs a trade of real goods or services in exchange of ingame goods or services will be ejected from the game, even if he or she is just offering a deal and it is never performed.

- The Staff won’t grant any permission to transfer accounts from now on. Each account will be linked to the same person forever and it won’t be allowed to be transferred to another person.

- Regular game items won’t be allowed to be acquired by donation from now on.

- All the ethereal jewels will be linked to the first player who uses them. To avoid errors a message will be shown asking if you are sure about you are going to do and warning of the consequences. The player must accept in order to equip the jewel for the first time.