Changes in the Red Moongate

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We’ve made a few changes to improve competitiveness in the Red Moongate:

- Now, to keep control of the Red Moongate Ylem, the player who takes it has to stay close, at least 5 minutes after being conquered. Otherwise the previous guild which has the Ylem control will retake it. (Thanks to Sir Farias for his excellent suggestion).

- The guild that controls the Red Moongate Ylem will receive a notice when the Ylem it’s being attacked (one notice per minute maximum).

We have also made a change to the runebook gate travel. Now, if you use gate travel a lot with the runebook in a short time, you will receive a penalty in the mana used and the time required to create the moongate. This only affects the moongates created with the runebook, and not the created with magery or necromancy.

And finally, we have added commands .cw and .co (which can be used indistinctly) so you can communicate with your team in all team events: Color War without magery, Color War with magery, Capture the Flag and Conquerors. (Thanks to Lightning for his suggestion).