Cash on Delivery system at Post Office

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We have added the possibility to use the Post Office system to send Cash on Delivery packages.

The COD system costs only 2.000 coins more and allows the sender of a package to request a currency amount that the buyer must pay it in order to get the package. It will be possible to examine the contents of a package before you make the payment, but cannot be withdrawn until you have paid the amount requested.

When a player tries to withdraw a package which have been sent through the COD system, a menu will appear asking the player for the amount set by the sender. It will offer two options: Pay or Return. If he pays, he will be allowed to withdraw the package, and if he uses the Return option, the package will be sent again to the sender’s mailbox. If the player pays the amount set, the sender will receive in his mailbox a bag with the gold paid with a two hours delay.

To use COD system is necessary that the sender has a mailbox, since otherwise could not receive the money or the return package.

If a user doesn’t answer the COD (or Pay or Return) within 5 days, the package will be automatically returned to the sender.

From this moment on, therefore, a new rule is added to the rules of market subforum: If using the mail system to close a deal, must be used COD option, to avoid any problems.

We hope you like the news!