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Market Forum Rules
PostPosted: 04 Oct 2012, 1:11
Joined: 27 Jul 2003
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Rules for the Market Forum.

Arrow The thread titles MUST begin with "Buy" or "Sell" or "Auction", excepting the Reagents orders. The titles must provide information about the trade, you can not just put "I Buy" or "I Sell".

Arrow The theme titles MUST be written without spelling errors. It you have any doubt about how the item is written, single click to de item in the game.

Arrow The Auctions must have CLOSED deadline for bids, that is, not extensible. So, if anyone wants to bid on any item, will know when the auction will end.

Arrow In case of make a bid on a range of 1 HOUR before the close of the Auction, it will be added 12 HOURS to continue the Auction.

Arrow You can NOT reserve the right to sell the item if the auction does not reach a certain amount of money. Each item auctioned must be sold.

Arrow It is NOT possible to withdraw a bid already made. Withdrawing a bid or not buying an item that has been won in an Auction or a sale, shall be punished with a Warning. This rule is applied to Auctions and announces of Sells at fixed prices.

Arrow Similary, an article that has come to sell or auction and alredy has a buyer, should be sold. If the seller refuses to sell the item once has a buyer, will be punished with a Warning. All closed agreements must be completed before one week from the time the deal is closed.

Arrow Direct purchases and sales of items must have a fixed price, and should be clearly specified in the notice. Post like "if someone puts a price that convinces me I will buy/sell it" are forbidden. In the case of a purchase, the first player offering the item which complies with the stated features and price will be officially the seller of that item.

Arrow Of course, it is forbidden to change the subject of the threads in this forum. If you are not going to trade, you can not post on a Market forum topic. They will be Warned all those who make personal comments about the price of item. Questions about what the item is for can be done by private message. It will also be forbidden to ask on the sale topic about it.

Arrow In the Market Forum you can not trade with accounts or Donation Items, excepting the Donation Checks, wich trade must follow special rules, discussed in the following section.

Arrow It will be allowed to sell Donation Checks, as long as you comply with certain rules. A Donation Check can not be auctioned: It must be sold at a fixed price. Sales of Donation Checks will not be accepted at prices that are clearly outside the market. It will not be allowed to have an excessive inflation in the price of these checks. If this point is not met, the user will not be allowed to trade again with checks in the forum.

Arrow The Market Forum is only allowed to trade with game items and raise attributes or helps to raise skills. Therefore, it is not allowed to trade with macros, or things outside the game itself.

Arrow If it is used the mail system to close a deal, it will be mandatory to use the Cash on Delivery mode, so that the buyer can check de goods before you pay, and to ensure that the seller received the agreed amount without any problem.

Arrow If you perform the exchange of items through the game, both sides should ensures that, when making the deal, all you have to get is in the trade window. We won't accept any claim for this.

Arrow You are allowed to raise your own thread (to post for the thread to appear the first in the list) once every 24 hours from the date the thread was opened. If you post twice in the same thread in less than 24 hours you will be punished with a warning.

Arrow Each player can have a maximum of 2 open threads in the Market subforum. An open thread will be a thread which has some deal which is not closed yet.

In case of violation of any of these rules, the post will be removed and the User will be punished with a Warning.
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