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Starting WoD from an eye of a newbie - A Rookie Guide
PostPosted: 24 Aug 2013, 20:34
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I have recently started playing in WoD and I have realized there is lack of English guides.

I will try to present "my experience" of WoD. I hope this will help some of you to find your path here.
As I am not native English speaker, do not pay attention on mistakes Rolling Eyes

Lets start with some character details. You could find all general rules about the server here. However you could miss some details in long list (I did:). Soo:
    * There is no skill cap. You could have as much skill as you want.
    - Skill limit is 100.0.
    - Profession and power scrolls help you to increase over 100.0.

    * There are 12 races in WoD, which you have to select on your first log in. Be careful, and think good, because you could not change it afterwards (only with a donation service).
    I am not sure if the specifications given are up to date, you could check races in here.

    * When you check races, you will see different races have different "main" skills. Your char does not start with those skills given in wiki doc!
    - While creating a char (no matter which race it is) you still have to select 3 skills (classic UO logic). Yo will see some skills start with 80.0 skill point, and some with 50.0 skill point.
    - These skills are not related with your race! Example: I want to be bowyer/archer. I selected "Elf" as race.
    On wiki it says: "If you choose this race, your skills of Archery and Bow craft will be set to 35 and hiding, fencing and stealth will be set to 25"
    It doesn't Smile
    Then I have seen I could select some skills startin with 80.0. Then I tried bowcrafting. Oh no just 50.0!
    "I want to be an Elf, bowcrafting is my priority. Oh, why fifttttyyyy, there should be a problemmmm!"
    Don't worry, no problem. 80.0 starting skills are same for all races Smile

    * There is also no stat cap. However there are only certain ways to increase it. There is no classic in-game stat gain. Here are ways to increase your char's stats, more details here:
    - You get points from tournaments and other events.
    - Completing quests (doesn't know how yet).
    - Recommending friends to play. They have to give your in-game char name while connecting for the first time.
    - Donation and by in-game gold.

First Impression

After passing the tutorial, you start at newbie village. If you are adventurous, first thing you will do is to discover the world, before starting to increase any skill.

* Newbie Village has two parts. One is basically the newbie village Smile, and the other part is newbie crafting map.

* Newbie crafting map is located close to despise and surrounded with safe walls.
* Newbie village has a "safe zone" (like in cities). When you walk up, safe zone ends and there are some monsters for you to have skill gain. * Do not try to skill gain with them as they are super fast (tried archery\Very Happy/ ) (oh maybe they give faster gain, I don't know).
* If you walk to top right corner of map, there is a gate/entrance. It teleports you despise area again. This area is near newbie craft area, again surrounded by walls and it is a limited area (you could not move further from here, you have to turn back to newbie village). Annddd, it is full of stronger and faster monsters! Be careful!

* There are some stones and a red dot in the middle of newbie village. That red dot on the ground is yor bank. Don't worry, click it Smile

* The one on the leftest side is your ticket to leave newbie village. Don't worry, click it! Next screen you will see that you could come back to newbie village, easily.

* Now you are teleported to gates zone!

Gates Zone

Here you will find gates to teleport to Newbie Area, Britain (btw Britain is the only city with guard protection), Other Cities (for 500GP), PvP area, and some special maps, which are explained below.



Post Office: You could buy some crates to organize your bank from NPC Arturo. Also you could buy yourself a mailbox and send some stuff to other player's mailbox.

Premium Room: A room for premium members Smile

Church: You could organize your wedding for 100K.

Tavern: You could have a drink with fellows, roll a dice and have some fun.

Role Corner: Non-alcoholic version of Tavern Smile

Jail: Visit friends in jail. Do not forget to get something to eat for them.

The Tournament Arena: One of the place where events take place. You could also find "events prize stone" here. It is used to change points won in events in exchange of prizes.

Market: This is a map with couple of different market NPCs and stones.
- Skill Drop Stone: You could drop a skill of your choice by 1.0, 5.0, or 10.0.
- House Items Stone: You could buy some house related items.
- Time playing Stone: Shows the date you have started playing.
- Belthazor's Shop: Here you could find Runebook, Bank Organizer, Boxing Gloves, etc.
- Guru of The War: You could insure items you are using or carrying.
- Merchant: Its a trade project in progress. For now you could only buy or sell full spellbook.
- Donation Merchant: You could buy or sell donation items.
- When you step on a tile couple of meters North from Donation Merchant a door opens. There you could reach "Profession" vendor.
- Guru of Wonders: You could increase your stats in exchange of gold or stat stones.

Cage: Its a cage!

Farm: Chicken Run event place.

Adventurer's Corner: No idea what is it for Smile

Yew Villa: Goes to the villa in Yew. Its a safe zone. You could rent a room to stay in the villa.

Recreation Zone: There are portals to certain event areas. There is a zoo and casino. Annddd the best part (imho) is "Fountain of Wishes". You throw 5000gp (it was half of what I owned:) and see what happens! I got Plush Zostrich. Yeah, just a decoration toy! Anyway, I will try again when I have gold :whistle: (Btw it is hard to put coins into fountain. There is only one certain point to drag and drop, you have to be insistent to drop your gold.)

Donation Room: All donation items are exhibited here. You could try variety of dye tube!

Training Zone: 1 to 1 duel rooms, dummies, etc. Macro and training area.

Hall of Justice: Courtroom.

Personal Points

* From my point of view skill gain is really hard! So far I only have 0.6 Archery, and 0.2 bowcrafting gain. Sometimes I use more than 200-250 arrows and get no Archery gain.

* Also for the skills under 30.0 , still really hard gain. So visit all cities and try to increase your skills as much as you could by NPC training.

* On the other hand, I had 100.0 anatomy in 2 days -1 night macroing-. There is "Skill Hardness" level indicated in wiki for every skill. It could help to compare.

* I am not hard-core PvP player, but as far as I see its Mage dominated server.
- You have to wait additional 1-2 seconds every time you use bandages
in PvP.
- Changing weapon takes couple of seconds. You have to wait 1-2
seconds to disarm/arm new weapon (like bow to sword).
- Archers could not hit when other player/monster is near by.
- Lastly, all senior players seem to be magery oriented.

* No stat loss in any armor. So no one use leather armor blackeye

* Occlo: There are only fast orcs and giant rats.
* Nujelm Cemetary: lich lord, 2x lich, sand elemantal (do not go close by:)
* Maze next to Brit moongate: Good for archery. Some slow monsters like Ettin, Troll, etc.
* Shame Entrance: Full of orcs. Before entrance titan, ettin, verite elemental, mummy.
* Wrong: Basic cemetary mobs. 3 liches next to level 2 gate. Strongest mob of level 2 is cold enhanced Ettin. Also good for archery.
* On the way to and around Wrong: Elemental Monsters. Archery does not work on Verite elemental. Used around 300 arrows and 10-15 lightning to kill. Loot, 250 gold Smile

* There are some mobs with additional title like [Stone Skin]. It means "run"! They are extremely strong. You will be dead in 1-2 attack of it. They are also very fast.

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