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How to: Change your Desktop/Skin
PostPosted: 12 Oct 2012, 0:08
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Sheriff Wops!
Sheriff Wops!

Are you tired of seeing the same appearance in World of Dread?

Do you want to give World of Dread a new look?

Well then I present this little tutorial with which you can give a different look to the Status, Paperdoll, Backpacks, Bags and much more on your game screen.

Arrow What type of Desktops are there?

Well the diferent types of Desktop that you can find are:

  • Elven Desktop
  • Dwarf Desktop
  • Celtic Desktop
  • Dragon Desktop
  • Arcadium Desktop
  • Dark Desktop

Arrow What is so different in each Desktop?

Well here you are going to be able to see a small sample of each Desktop:

  • Elven Desktop:


  • Dwarf Desktop:


  • Celtic Desktop:


  • Dragon Desktop:


  • Arcadium Desktop:


  • Dark Desktop:


Arrow And how can we get the Desktops?

It's very easy, to get this magnificent Desktops you have to visit this website:

UO Desktop

The only thing you have to do is click on the links you have in the menu on the left as you enter the website. Once on the Desktop page it will be a link to download like this:


We click on it and we download it to our computer.

Arrow Once I've got the Desktop downloaded... How can I install it?

You have to follow a few steps, that are:

  • First of all you have to close the World of Dread client completly to make all the changes.

  • Make a copy of your original verdata.mul and fonts.mul files. You can find these files in your Ultima Online folder (Default folder: C/Program Files/World of Dread). Make sure to keep these original files, so that you could restore your default settings if needed.

  • Extract files from the file "desktopname_desktop_v1.2.zip" (where desktopname is the name of the desktop you have chosen for example: "elven_desktop_v1.2.zip") into your Ultima Online folder. Click 'Yes' when asked to overwrite previous files

  • Run "VerdataPatcherNEW.exe" and you now have your Desktop installed and ready to use.

Arrow I have no file "verdata.mul" in my folder and I get an error applying the file "VerdataPatcherNEW.exe" What do I do?

This problem is very common and it has easy solution. All you have to do is copy the files as is specified in the previous point and we have one called "patchdata.mul", rename it to "verdata.mul" and we have it ready!

It's very easy!

Have you chosen your favorite Desktop? Wink

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