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Forum General Rules
PostPosted: 04 Oct 2012, 2:04
Joined: 27 Jul 2003
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A warning system has been implemented to make this forum a more enjoyable communication place.

Through this system, the moderators will punish those who violate the forum rules that will be detailed below. Every time a user receives a warning will be communicated via a private message, and when a user receives 5 warnings the system will automatically ban the forum account. A user who has been banned is not allowed to re-register with another account. If he does, he will be banned again as soon as we know about it, and to this will be added a severe punishment in the game. An user may not create a second forum account. If you do, both accounts will be banned.

The rules of conduct, wich will be added to those already can be seen on the main forum page, are:

Arrow Disrespecting others. Add comments in messages with intent to disqualify another user will be punished with a warning.

Arrow Changing the subject of a thread (what we call "deviation")

Arrow Avoid posts without content, that do not provide any information or opinion to the subject being treated.

Arrow Refloat old post. This is an action that usually perform new users, but they should know that is forbidden. The post that are over 10 days are there for people to read and know what has been said, but do not post there because the conversation is already finished.

Arrow It should at all times try to use language that everyone can understand. It is intended that the forum reading is a pleasure, not a punishment. People usually use mobile language, or with many misspellings it impossible to read the text may be punished with a warning.

Arrow It is forbidden to accuse other players to make cheats, use illegal programs or anything else through the forum. If you make an accusation send it to client@worldofdread.com and explain in as much detail as possible, and attaching all the evidence you have. If the mail is without proofs it will only serve to be alert on the player, but obviously there is no crime without evidence.

Arrow A ban or punishment cannot be treated or discussed in the forum. These issues can only be treated by the interested person, and through the client attention e-mail clients@worldofdread.com. This may even involve the ban from the forum account.

Arrow You may not post on behalf of another person or player. If someone has been banned loses the privilege to speak here. If someone has no forum account and has never been banned, what he or she has to do to speak is register, do not ask someone else. This event will result in a warning in all cases. Depending on what is used the account, could be banned directly.

Arrow About the Signatures. Size will be limited on vertical, horizontal and size on disk. Vertical Limit size: 200 px. Horizontal size limit: 550 px. Size on disk limit: 200 KiB. We thank you to be sympathetic to this and you keep away as much as possible of this maximum values, for the good of all, to read the forum comfortably. If you do get all huge signatures of 200 KiB the pages would take a long time to load, allthough most users have broadband.

Arrow You are not allowed to post twice in a row in the same thread. If you want to add some information and nobody has posted behing you, you should use the Edit function.

Arrow About the language used in the forum. In the Spanish forum the only language allowed is Spanish. In the English forum the only language allowed is English.

Private message text is as follows:

You have been warned by the administrator.

If you get five warnings, you will be banned from the forum. Please keep common sense on the forum.

Do not post on old threads, do not disrespect other people, try to use a language that can be understood, do not talk about things that have nothing to do with the topic...

If you have any questions about the reason for your warning, review the rules. Do not contact the moderators to ask, since you will be punished with another warining. The Warning limit is 5, and you have enough margin to do not break again the rules.
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