Touching PvP up

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We’ve made some small changes in order to improve the PvP gameplay:

- Werewolves won’t get their 10% bonus to damage with weapons if they’re inside a city, they won’t be able to use blowguns and they’ll do 50% less damage with bows and crossbows.
- The Dispel Potion now will be able to dispel marked Sextant Points. If there were someone going to that point the teleport will fail when the count reaches zero.
- Heal spells won’t recover body percentages every time. They will recover one each three times, but they will recover the triple the amount they recovered up to now.
- Now you won’t be able to drop a blocking item if you have just received an attack.
- Now there will be a limit for the extra armor of the Cruelty Chests. Apart from the base armor, they can now accumulate up to 70 extra armor points.
- Barbarians and Amazons will be able to use their race command every 3 minutes instead of 10 minutes.

We hope these changes can help to improve the game experience. Have fun!