Suggestions made real

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We’ve developed 4 suggestions that had been exposed in the forum in the last months. Here they go:

- Vendors with split shift. Now you’ll be able to split the shift of your vendor in two, so it will work two shifts of the half of the duration. This will allow a higher strategy because now you can choose between more options.

- We’ve added blank runes to the item Merchant in the Market.

- Now you can install display cases in your houses to expose weapons and armors without them being worn. Each display case will add 1.000 gp per day to the house taxes, and it can be bought in the House Items Stone.

- We’ve added the possibility to organize 2vs2 combats in the Fight Club, with the same rules of the 1vs1 combats, but you won’t earn points for the Club standings.

We hope you enjoy the new features!