Ophidian Lair

Spring News

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With the end of the spring we bring you these new features we’ve been working in for the last few weeks:

- New Mini-Challenge in the Ophidian Lair, in Wastelands. With this new challenge we keep improving our variety in PvN challenges. This one is though for players who’ve been working for a few weeks, or a few months.

- We’ve improved the guards in the cities. Now they will hit more times and they will be much more dangerous.

- We’ve created a new potion: Antidote. It can be crafted with 125.0 Alchemy, a Far Island Plant, 4 Ginseng and 4 Mandrake Roots. This potion will make the character immune to magic poison for a while. Also, when it stop a poison the effect duration will be reduced quickly.

- The Far Island Plants will be much easier to get from now on.

- The food status will be more important from now on. The effect was too light. For the maximum performance of the character, you have to be in the “Well Fed” status. You’ll lose some potential when the food level is not the right one, and you’ll lose more the farther the level is from “Well Fed”.

- We’ve removed the sextant position in the format XºX’S, XºX’E. It was hard to read and the other format (simple coordinates) is more extended. Now you can read these coordinates in the regular sextant and in the Donation one. Also, you will be able to read in the floor of the house you are.

- The Undead Champion has been moved to another place so it isn’t so near from a Eternal Wanderer route.

- The inloot Runebook can be now obtained in the Newbie Dungeon for free. Also, it will have two runes already marked to the Gates Room and Britain.

We hope you like the new features and we wait for your comments in the forum!