Spend with us the night of the living dead

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On Wednesday, October 31 from 22:00 to celebrate the night of the living dead with a big party full of events and surprises. Among other things, we will present a new funny event for sure you will like. If you are late, go to the Tournaments Arena to join the party.

All players who are in the Tournaments Arena at 22:00 with a costume will get a prize. In order to get the prize you will have to go disguised specially for Halloween.

After a little costume parade there will be several events, including a 1vs1 tournament with a special prize of 3 months of premium membership for the winner, and one month of premium membership for the runner-up. This will be a matched tournament: All players will use the same equipment for the fights. There will also be a second 1vs1 tournament which is open to all players who have been here for less than six months. The prizes will be the same of the absolute tournament.

Come and spend a scary night with us!