Small improvements in races and tailors

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We want to continue improving the race variety so we have made a small difference between Dwarves and Duergards. Dwarves will be just like now, but Duergars, one of the less representative races, won’t be able to use the Dwarf’s Pickaxe and will now have a new race item: the Duergar’s Apron. All the other bonuses will be just like now.

Because this is an important and unexpected change, all the players that are Dwarves or Duergars and want to change their race to Duergar or Dwarf can ask it for free by e-mail. This promotion is valid up to July 6th, 2014, and is limited to one change by player.

We have improved the Explorer Boots too. They will now give some armor when the player doesn’t equip any metal armor. This way, characters that can’t equip metal armors won’t lose too much armor when using this item.

And last but not least, we’ve improved the Tailoring profession. Tailors will now fail less when reinforcing clothes, and the improvement in the cloth resistance will be higher than before.

We hope you like the changes!