PvM Novelties

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We’ve implemented some small changes in PvM to continue with the improvements made in the last weeks:

- We’ve undone the change in the Eternal Wanderer which made it to take some minutes to respawn after dying. This wasn’t the better way to focus the problem, as it was meant to make players not to choose what dungeon to do by killing the Eternal Wanderer repeteadly. Instead of this, we have improved the prize in three of the final bosses (Orc, Drow and Aztec dungeons). Now you will find Swordsmanship and Fencing weapons similar to the Ereko’s Hammer in these dungeons.

- The Predators won’t appear in the same places as before anymore. This has been a repeated suggestion in the forum and we are going to try the results. When a Predator dies, another will appear in a different place of the world immediately, so they can be sought continuously. If this idea works we can extend this to other monsters you may suggest.

- And lastly, two small changes for the Wizard race: When their health falls below 40% they received a bonus of +15 INT, but the Mana didn’t raise at the same time. Now it will, so new strategies can be thought for this bonus. Also, the Mind Resistance spell won’t be disabled when they drink a potion which recovers Mana.

We are waiting for your comments in the forum!