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This time we bring a new feature that will open new strategies in PvP: the Palisades. These new items can be installed on the floor so they pierce the player that is at the other side, damaging him until it is broken. If the player is running when he gets hit the damage will be much higher. They can’t be used against monsters. The Palisades should be installed over the terrain (they are not crafted on a deed) and will need between 80 and 125 seconds to be installed depending on the Carpentry skill of the player. They will require 80.0 Carpentry and 50 Logs to be crafted. Depending on the dexterity of the player the Palisades will have higher hitpoints and they will resist more hits. They can be broken just like a Ylem: you just have to double click it while you stay near it.

We hope you like this new feature!