A new system to raise the stats in a natural way

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You won’t need to get a Power Up or use a Wizard to raise your stats anymore. Now you can raise your stats up to the considered “base” (159-134-134) in a more natural way. Just playing (PvP and PvM), without doing anything special, your stats will raise by their own.

We consider that it was too hard for a new player to raise his stats and, due to the importance of having at least these stats to get involved in the server, we’ve developed this new system so all the players, with a bit of efford, can develop their character.

This system doesn’t allow you to raise your stats with a macro. The stats will only raise if you are actively playing. Also you have to note that you will need some time to raise the stats up to the limit (159-134-134): it won’t be a matter of a few days. But it will be much funnier to play and see how your character evolves, instead to wait to get the money for a Wizard to help you to raise them.

For those players who don’t like PvP or PvM, or for those who just prefer the old way, they will be able to raise the stats exactly as they were up to now. Moreover: you can combine both ways without any problem or disadvantage.

Also, for those who want to have their base stats even quicker, we have cut down the price of the Donation Stats Raise up to 159-135-135 from 20 euros to only 10 euros.