New schedules for nightly events in American hours

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From now on the events will be celebrated also in nightly schedules, much more friendly for our American players. We will test it to see the participation rate in these events and only a few types of event will be played like Color Wars, Capture the Flag, Conquerors, Survival, Runmatch and Bomberman.

A player who plays an event in the evening can’t play the same event again at night.

On odd days the events will be played 9 hours after the European schedule, and on even days they will be played 6 hours after the European schedule. You can see the next events that are going to be played both in our website and on the client launcher. On our website you can also see the current server time to calculate how much time is left for the event you want to play.

And finally, we’ve made a small change in the Clash of Swords Event: From now on the players who opt to participate in the event will have their stats leveled-up, just the same as in PvP Tournaments. If someone wants to play without leveled stats, he shouldn’t double click the event entry stone and should use his own equipment and magical reagents.

We hope you enjoy the new events!