New guild Ylem system

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From now on the guilds can have a Ylem in their own headquarters. In order to install the Ylem the guildmaster should just mail us requesting it, and the Staff will install it on the door of the headquarters, always on the outside (please include the coordinates of the headquarters in the mail). The requirements to request the Ylem are having at least 5 active members in the guild and having guild headquarters.

For each dominated Ylem on a day the guild members will have a bonus of +5 strength during the next day. The local guild will get half the points for each second dominating their Ylem than the enemy guilds.

You can see who dominated the Ylem on the previous day double clicking the Ylem on peace mode, but you won’t be able to know which guild is dominating the Ylem on the current day.

We hope you like this new feature!