Houses On Sale

New features in our custom client

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We’ve updated our client with the following features:

- When clicking a house deed in a vendor you’ll see a thumbnail of the house, the number of items you can have inside without paying more taxes and the basic tax of the house.
- When a second trade window is opened it won’t be opened in the same place of a previous trade window.
- The player status menu will now have a third mode where the health, mana and stamina will be shown in bars instead of numbers, while all the other information will still be shown with numbers.
- In Entrenador now you will be able to pause and modify the macro, and it will continue where it was before. Also the line that is being executed will be marked in blue.
- Fixed a bug in the feature of following other players.
- Added the bonus of the guild winning the Red Moongate to the buff bar.

We hope you like the new features!