New features for the new client

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We’ve updated our client with some new features:
- New intermediate resolutions. You asked for this more than once. If we didn’t add them yet was because they are not native resolutions and they can look blurry depending on the screen, but for those of you who want to use them, they are there. We’ve also improved the menu to choose between resolutions.

- Now if the game is closed manually or due to a disconnection and you had a macro running, it will be saved, and also the line where it was. This new feature only applies to Entrenador WoD, which is the only macroing program that will be updated from now on.

- Now the Journal will be able to show the text written by other players with a black border. This option will be enabled by default, but you can disable it on the Options panel.

- When you use Control + Backspace the client will remove the whole word, just the same as most text processing programs.

- We’ve tried to improve the situations where the player can’t move (for example when you are trapped by a spider web). This situation is very hard to test so please, report it if you have any problem with it.