New donation item and a promotion

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We’ve just launched a new donation item. It is the “Donation Enchantments Chest”. It can store up to 5 enchantments and save them safely. When you store an enchantment inside the chest, it will lose one use, but it won’t lose any new use while it is inside, even if your character dies. You can find more information in the Donation Items section.

Enchantments Chest
Enchantments Chest

We’ve launched a new promotion also. On Wednesday 27th we will launch a new item that was already announced time ago: The Herbalist Chest. This chest will store and keep safe all kinds of plants that you can find in the server. This item will be released at a retail price of 15 euros, but players who reserve it until Tuesday 26th (inclusive) can take advantage of a launch offer that is to receive a special edition of the item, with the name in a different color, and also a donation check with a value of 5 euros, for the same price that the item will have after launch (15 euros).

We hope you like the news!