March 4th: Guild 5vs5 Tournament

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Just to give you a taste of the great Guilds Knock-out Tournament, which will be ready shortly, we are going to do a 5vs5 tournament. This event will be held on March 4th, after the 1vs1 tournament, that is, the start time will be from 21:00. Before we start, we will need the captains of each guild participant to be in the Tournaments Arena to announce the participation of his guild.

The prize for the winner will be one million gold coins and a commemorating statue of the tournament.

The tournament will work as follows:

- The guilds will face in 5vs5 fights by knockout, until we end up with the winning guild.

- In each round, five different players may participate in each team, as long as they all belong to the same guild. The captain will be responsible for choosing the players who will participate in each fight.

- The fights will take place, randomly in each fight, in Vesper and Jhelom cities. The final will take place in Vesper.

We hope you enjoy the event! We will give you more information about the Guild Tournament soon. We know you’re waiting for it!