Important change on Ethereal Jewels

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According to the results of the poll made during the last weeks to decide the future of the Ethereal Jewels there’s something clear: most of the players prefer to remove them or limit their use as much as possible. So we’ve decided to make the following changes:
- The Ethereal Jewels can’t be refreshed from now on.
- The Ethereal Jewels can be equipped only inside dungeons (if you have them on the backpack they’ll equipped automatically when you enter a dungeon and unequipped when you exit).
- The Ethereal Jewels obtained from now on won’t be linked to any player and will have as twice as duration as before.
- The Gems to Imbue Ethereal Jewels cannot be obtained from now on. The previous gems have been changed for 500k gold checks, which was their official value.

For those players who had jewels before this change we offer them two possibilities: they can have the jewels with the new changes, or get a small compensation following these rules:
- For a jewel of level 12 or higher you can choose to exchange it for a Donation Check of 25 euro.
- For a jewel of level 11 you can choose to exchange it for a Donation Check of 15 euro.
- For a jewel of levels 9 or 10 you can choose to exchange it for the double of the value of days left to the jewel (1.000k for each 10 days of duration for level 10 jewels and the corresponding value for level 9 jewels) up to a maximum of 5 millions.
- The jewels of level 6 and up can be exchanged for the value of their duration on Gems to Imbue Ethereal Jewels.
These exchanges can only be made with Ethereal Jewels prior to this change. If you want to apply it you should only write us to our support mail address, as usual.

We hope these changes make everybody play more comfortable. We’ll work hard to achieve that.