Enchanted jewels

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We are pleased to announce the Enchanted Jewels. These new jewels will give some bonuses like +1 to +10 Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence, or +2 to +20 Tactics, Evaluating Intelligence, Armor, Health or Mana. They are though for all kind of players, the same as the Predator Gauntlets or other basic equipment items, as they will improve your character a lot while they are easy to get. At the moment they will appear in Champions and Shame (with low probability and substituting the likelihood of other items of lesser value), in Paragon monsters, in the Dryads and in The Resurrector.

These new jewels will be inloot, but they will break when receiving hits and also with the wear and tear of time (they can be saved on Armament Chests), and they cannot be repaired in any way.

We have also modified the Gems to Imbue an Ethereal Jewel, and now if they are used over an Ethereal Jewel with level less than 10, they will add 2 days more for each level below 10 (this is, 24 days for level 3, 20 days for level 5 and 12 days for level 9, for example).

We hope you like the new items!