Changes and additions

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There have been a number of changes, most aimed at further improving the quality of the PvP on server.

- We have added a Dispel Potion. This potion requires 132 of Alchemy, 2 ginseng, 2 mandrake roots and a Igneous Herb to be crafted. It’s a potion that can be thrown, and makes the effect of dispelling in a square around. It is be used for dispelling as much players as walls or moongates.

- The effect of reactive armor has been slightly modified. The change has as objective to prevent that a player worse-equipped gain an advantage over a player better-equipped, for the simple fact of having a protection from the first circle of Magery. This spell will work in much the same way as it did before. The main difference is that when both characters have activated the spell, the spell will protect both, and they will receive less damage, but won’t reflect the damage, so it will still benefit the most well-equipped, as it should be.

- When taking a Cicatrizant potion, the time needed to take the next potion it will be half than any other potion. The objective of this is that the potion can be used more often; having a lower risk of doesn’t have time to take another potion.

- From now on, warriors by profession (tactics, fencing, swordsmanship and Macefighting) will have an added bonus to the Dexterity at the time of opening a wound in close combat.

- We have slightly improved the bonus of durability of the alloys. The minerals which provide durability to the alloy, now will provide a little more, which may get a little more durable alloys. Also, they have added more levels of durability, above excellent, because the range of “excellent” was too broad. Above Excellent, now you can see the Magnificent, Outstanding and Insuperable ranges.

- And finally, de New Client has been updated to the Beta 9.2, which includes character shading, and corrections of email reported errors.