Balancing the races

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One of our server’s hallmarks is our race system, which has been present from the opening day. We like the variety, and it is also importante. Because the Gromril has been more and more important in the last few months, there were a lot of people who chose the Dwarf race just because this reason, decreasing the liberty to choose a race that we want. We don’t want people choosing a race just becuase such an odd reason, so we’ve decided that all races should be able to mine Gromril. Although Dwarves will have a little advantage, all the players will be able to mine it. To mine Gromril you need 115 in Mining, so now there will be a new item called “Miner’s Pickaxe” which will give +10 to this skill. The other 5 skill points can be obtained using Power Jewels (up to 10 points more with the full +2 set).

As we announced some months ago, the Reward Ticket system is going to disappear. From now on you won’t be able to throw more items in exchange of tickets. For a few months the reward barrel will be in its place to allow the remaining tickets to be spent. The Blacksmith’s Hammer, Tamer’s Crook, Carpenter’s Gloves and Alchemy Gloves, and also the new Miner’s Pickaxe and 4 brand new pairs of gloves for the skills Archery, Swordsmanship, Fencing and Macefighting, will appear from now on as a prize in the Guild Wars, and with a low percentage in Shame, Deceit, the Gloomy Dungeon and in the Champions.

On the other hand we have made some changes in some races:
- We’ve changed the race item for the Werewolves, which were the Werewolf’s Claws. Now it will be the Werewolf’s Mask, and this way they will be able to equip a pair of gloves at the same time of their race item. The Werewolf’s Mask will give +10 Strength and +5 Dexterity.
- Now the Werewolves will be able to use all the leather armors, instead of just their own armors. Also, all the characters will be able to use the Werewolf Skin (also Grey and White Werewolf Skin), included the Wizards, which will enjoy of three new types of armor.
- The Werewolf’s Claws (regular, grey and white), which now can be used by all the characters, will have a new appearance and they will be a new kind of weapon which will use Wrestling as the skill, and can also open wounds just like all other weapons.
- The race commands for Elves and Drows will now use mana instead of health.

And finally, we have modified the items which can be obtained in the Orbs Quests (the Divine items), and they will be absolutely unbreakable from now on, so they will last until other player get the same item after completing the Quest. Remember that these items are inloot, and the armor gives just a little less armor points than a Gromril armor.

We hope you like the changes!